Want to recover your pictures from SDHC card?

Pictures speak a thousand words isn’t it? They bring out all the memories you had during your life time. Seeing those you recall the wonderful moments you had with friends or family. You would preserve those photos throughout your life period. During past times pictures were clicked on cameras that used films to capture the photos. Those images were developed on a photo sheet and preserved in a photo album.

As time passed companies came up with new generation of digital cameras that was capable to capture and store photos having large size. Digital cameras used memory cards to store pictures and videos. As the necessity arouse to capture high definition videos and photos, SDHC card came into existence. These cards are also used on mp3 players, video game platforms and many other digital media devices. The advantages of SDHC card are it holds a very large memory, extremely small in size and high speed data transfer. Due to this, they are used today by many digital camera users to click photos having prefect clarity. Sometimes files saved on SDHC card may be deleted or lost by many threats hitting it. During such times opt for SDHC Card Picture Recovery utility to recover data from SDHC card.

Some of the reasons for data loss from SDHC card:

  • Pulling out the SDHC card abruptly: SDHC cards should be connected to computer using a card reader in order to transfer files to it for better view. While transferring a file there can be possibilities of user pulling out the SDHC card abruptly from the reader which results in loss of photos that were yet to get transferred to computer.
  • Random use of SDHC cards: SDHC is compatible to be used on computers, digital cameras, music players etc. When the same SDHC memory card is connected and used on many such devices there might be a logical damage that can make the photos saved on the card as inaccessible or may result in complete image file loss.
  • Photos clicked on low battery: Digital camera showing low battery is common indications that can be come across while using them. If you are on a process of transferring or clicking photos when these indications are showed then you might end up in losing pictures that were transferred or clicked during such times.

Under the above scenarios, your memory card may get corrupt and you will lose accessibility to the photos stored on it. In order to get back lost photos from the damaged SDHC card, you can go through SDHC card recovery software. One can also get more information on how to recover files from bad SD card. If specially, the case is of deleted MOV then you can visit recoversdhccard.com/deleted-mov-from.html.

SDHC card photo recovery is the best premium tool that can be used in matter of picture loss from SDHC card. It can recover deleted files from SDHC card and help preview its content. This utility can restore pictures of formats like JPEG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, GIF etc from Panasonic, Fujifilm, Transcend, SanDisk brands. It can recover files from SDHC card on Mac and Windows Operating System.

This tool enables users to search for the files after recovery if they are familiar with any the file name, size, extension etc. Using this tool you can restore micro SDHC card and regain lost or deleted files from them. To use this tool on your computer it just need 50 MB space of your hard disk space.

Steps to recover photos from SDHC card:

Step1: Download and install the software on your PC. Next run the application and select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover SDHC Card - Main Screen

Step2: In the next window, opt for either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option, based on the data loss scenario. Next specify the appropriate SDHC memory card and select the type of the file as pictures.

Recover SDHC Card - Choose Drive Screen

Step3: Then the software scans the specified SDHC memory card and returns a list of found pictures. Preview the recovered image and save the recovery session for future use. Finally select the required photos and save them on any drive / partition.

Recover SDHC Card- Save File Screen

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