File Recovery from Bad SD Card

SD card is a little removable storage device that is used in camera to store photos and some other media files. Making use of memory card on your camera, you can save a large number of pictures. Memory cards are the most important part of digital camera, without which your camera may become useless. You can remove SD card from the camera and transfer files from it to the system. However, your SD card may become bad because of improper handling. You should use SD card carefully otherwise it will get corrupt. If it happens to you, then the question may arise in your mind i.e. how to recover files from a bad SD card? There is no need to bother over the memory card corruption because the SD card recovery software is in your hand. It will assist you to get access into the files stored on bad SD card.

Reasons behind SD card corruption

  • Your memory card may become inaccessible if you have used it on different types of cameras
  • Power failure and abrupt system shutdown while transferring files from SD card to the computer may cause severe damage to the card.
  • Ejecting memory card from the computer without using safely removal option may results in file system corruption in the card.
  • Virus attack and some malicious software are also responsible for the bad SD card.

If there is something logically wrong in your SD card, due to any of the above mentioned reasons, then you cannot access files from the card. But you can get the help of SD card recovery software, in order to retrieve files from the bad SD card. This is the best way to get back files without causing any further damage to your memory card.

Often the loss of files happens from SD card while using digital camera. You may get trouble by deleting all pictures from SD card when you only meant to delete a single photo. When you came across this situation, you may become nervous. You can’t buy the lost memories. Losing family pictures and friend’s birthday images may be a nightmare. Fortunately, you can get back deleted files from SD card by using SD card recovery software. By using this software, you can undelete all files from SDHC cards as well as SDXC card. Know more on how to recover deleted files from SDHC card.

It supports to recover photos, videos, music, text files, spreadsheets and other documents from the corrupted SD card. Despite SD card, one can also recover files from CF card, memory stick, MMC, USB drives, etc. by using this recovery application. You can also perform SDHC card recovery on Mac without getting any difficulties. There is no need of technical background to operate this software. You just follow the appropriate steps given this recovery software. You can use free demo version of this software, which provides you the preview of recovered photos and files. If you have seen the required files in the preview screen, then you can save them by purchasing a license key.

Procedure to get back files from bad SD card

Step 1: First connect your SD card to the computer where the recovery software is installed. And then run the software and select “Recover Photos” option from the welcome page as shown in Figure 1.

How to Recover Files from a Bad SD Card? - Welcome Page

Figure 1. Welcome Page

Step 2: From the next screens, you will need to select the memory card from which you want to recover files and then click on next arrow button as shown in Figure 2.

How to Recover Files from a Bad SD Card? - Select Memory Card

Figure 2. Select Memory Card

Step 3: Wait when the memory card is scanning by the software. After that you will get the preview of recovered files. You can see recovered Photos by using “Preview” option, before restoration as shown in Figure 3.

How to Recover Files from a Bad SD Card? - Preview Screen

Figure 3. Preview Screen

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