Restore deleted files from SDHC card

Unintentional deletion of files is one of the common cause of data loss faced by many users in the present days. People get so busy in their work that they fail to notice they have deleted one of the important file. This happens because computer users nowadays have less time and more work to be done within a certain time period. Due to this they perform multitasking to utilize the given time. While doing this they may accidentally perform some action that may delete the file and cause its loss.

If you have connected the SDHC card to your computer and doing some task on the stored files then there are chances that you may delete the file from it as well. Such accidents can be avoided to some certain extent by being alert when you are using the SDHC memory cards but it cannot be prevented completely. When a file is deleted from SDHC card the data is not deleted but the file pointers for that file gets deleted are the space is assigned free to store new files. If a new file gets saved then it overwrites the file which causes the permanent loss of that file. In such incidents before it gets too late download SDHC card recovery software and recover SDHC card files.

How file gets deleted from SDHC card?

  • Accidental deletion: In order to delete any file, computer provides delete option both on keyboard and in file option. Using these you can delete any useless files to save memory space. Sometimes this option proves to be a data disaster since a user can press on them in unexpected situations and cause deletion of the corresponding file.
  • Manual deletion: Quite often computer users make a check on computer and delete unwanted files which are simply taking up the memory space. You even search for a useless file and delete them when there is no enough space to save your new files that is so important for your work. After deleting them in some point in future you may need the deleted file for some purpose.
  • Bypassing recycle bin: When files are deleted using “Delete” option from partitions they get stored on Recycle Bin so that you can restore them back when needed. But this has got a limitation i.e. when you delete files from SDHC cards, they never get saved on it, instead they directly bypass it and gets permanently deleted.

SDHC Card Recovery is effective utility that can retrieve files that are deleted from SDHC card intentionally or unintentionally. You can restore photos from SDHC card of formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG etc then audio formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI etc and video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV etc. Once these files are restored, you can view its content for your satisfaction. This tool enables you to perform SDHC recovery on Mac and Windows platform.

On this site, there is Micro SDHC card recovery software to restore files lost from micro SDHC card. Download it and recover the files from micro SDHC card. After restoring file from SDHC card you can sort them based on its file attributes and it lets you to save the file on any storage medium compatible with your computer. SD also sufferes from same and that is they lose file. For example, if MOV file is deleted then also you can recover the files very easily. To recover deleted MOV from SD just use the MOV Recovery Software.

Steps that explains how to recover deleted files from SDHC card:

Step1: In order to perform a SDHC card Recovery, you have to download the software from the site and install it on your system. Connect the SDHC card to your computer and make sure it’s detected. On launching the software you find a window from which you have to select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover SDHC Card - Main Screen

Step2: After selection the application pops up a window having two options namely “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Select “Recover Deleted Photos” option since you have lost the file due to deletion.

Recover SDHC Card - Select Mode Screen

Step3: On the next window select the SDHC card drive on which you had stored your file and click on “Next” option. The tool performs a deep scan on the drive and displays the list of recovered files. Choose the required and save it back on your system after purchasing the product.

Recover SDHC Card- Save File Screen

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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