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How to recover SDHC card data?

SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. These cards can hold up to 32 gigabytes of data. It can be used in different digital devices including computers and camcorders. SDHC cards were developed for mainly storing files with high definition like photos and videos. These are the improved version of SD memory cards. You can use them to transfer files from one compatible device to other.

Using SDHC memory card, a user can copy files to it from other device or directly save the files on it. These cards are classified based on different data speed. SDHC cards with higher classes provide high speed in data transfer. These cards were generally introduced by SanDisk, Panasonic and Toshiba. Hence these cards were used by digital photographers and people you prefer taking high definition videos and pictures. However, while using this many faced data loss problems. They started losing their files that were saved on SDHC memory cards. If you are a user who has lost any video or photo from your SDHC card then download and use SDHC Recovery software to recover SDHC card and reuse them.

Events causing loss of files from SDHC memory card:

  1. To maintain and access files the file system in memory card plays an important role. If such file system is corrupted it can lead to inaccessibility of files or loss of files.
  2. Third party tools installed on your computer can use the files saved on your SDHC card and delete them knowingly or unknowingly.
  3. File loss may happen when your transfer process get interrupted when you accidentally pull out the SDHC card from the memory card reader while transferring files.
  4. Randomly using same memory cards on multiple devices may damage its file system and cause loss of file.
  5. The files clicked on camera having a low battery can be lost from SDHC memory card.

Salient features of SDHC card recovery:

  • Using this software, you can scan the entire drive within few minutes of time and recover photos from SDHC card.
  • It is equipped with powerful algorithms that can identify all popular video, image, audio format and recover them effectively.
  • With the assistance of this tool, one can sort the retrieved file based on its name, size, date etc.
  • It can recover SDHC card of FAT16 and FAT32 file system which is majorly used by all other memory cards to manage their files.
  • This tool has an ability to create disk images bypassing bad sectors so that files can be restored from these disk images later.

To know how to recover deleted files from SDHC card click on the given link.

Steps to recover SDHC card:

Step1: On this page click on the download button to get the software and install the same on your system. Later connect the SDHC card to your computer with the help of memory card reader. Run the tool and click on “Recover Photos” option from the first screen.

Recover SDHC Card - Main Screen

Step2: From the second window select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” after deciding the factor of file loss. The software navigates to the screen having a list of drives. Select the SDHC drive and click “Next” option.

Recover SDHC Card - Select Mode Screen

Step3: Software scans the drive and recovers all the lost or deleted files and displays it to you on a new screen. Select the file you have lost and save them back to your system after purchasing the product.

Recover SDHC Card- Preview File Screen

Tips to avoid loss of data from SDHC card:

  • Take a frequent backup after every update on files .
  • Use antivirus software to scan your SDHC card as a when you connect them to your system.
  • Avoid using same SDHC card on multiple devices.

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